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    Meet Norman Added: 08/02/2013

    A very cool video-scribing technique used to depict "Norman" -- an average man living an average life in an average town; until one day a small but vocal group of people convince his town council to ban the sale of bottled water. You'll be surprised to see what happens next! This video demonstrates why it's important that we don't let a vocal minority take away people's right to "choose" bottled water -- a perfectly legal, safe, convenient, and most healthful packaged beverage on the self. (Spoiler Alert: read on from here after you've viewed the video). For the purposes of this video, "sugary drinks" includes soft drinks, juices, and milk. And if you're wondering about how much weight you'd gain by drinking sugary drinks instead of bottled water, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics says two sodas a day will add 28 pounds to your weight in a year! In Norman's case, he was an average American before the bottled water ban, drinking 400 calories a day (this average is according to the The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition). When he started drinking two 16.9 oz sodas instead of bottled water, he added an additional 400 calories a day to his diet (without even realizing it). His daily total calories from beverages soared to 800, which is nearly 30 percent of his 2700 daily calories. Music by For more information about why Bottled Water Matters, check out our website: And don't forget to give Norman a thumbs up!

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    Beer Styles 101 - YouTube Added: 08/10/2015

    Craft Beer